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 Stopping power is crucial to a safe and successful driving experience.
So when you need new brakes, visit
Jerry Seiner Dealerships, where Certified Service experts can recommend quality brakes, like DuraStop components from ACDelco.
Whether you need brake replacement or service, your Certified Service technician can help you get safely - and confidently - back  on the road.

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ServiceBRAKE SERVICES (Description/Benefits)Price*Interval**
Brake Fluid ServiceBrake Fluid becomes oxidized and contaminated over time and use. Heat and moisture causes corrosion on parts and brake fluid failure. This service cleans and replaces the worn fluid. Visual Brake Inspection.$99.95Every 2-3 years
Brake Adjust/Inspect & CleanComplete Brake Adjustment, Inspection and Clean as needed$31.95Every 15,000 miles
Parking Brake AdjustAdjust Parking Brake$24.95As Needed
Replace Brake PadsReplace Brake Pads (Dura Stop) and Inspect RotorsStarting at $99.95As Needed
Resurface RotorsResurface Rotors (in addition to brake pad replacement)$60.00As Needed