Tire Service


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Your braking and suspension systems rely on your tires for proper performance. That's why most experts agree that your vehicle's safety begins with proper and well maintained tires. The Certified Service Experts at Jerry Seiner Dealerships are here to assist you with your tire needs. From correct inflation, maintenance and ensuring the right size when the time comes to replace your vehicles tires.

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ServiceWHEEL & TIRE SERVICES (Description/Benefits)Price*Interval**
Replace 4 TiresMount & Balance 4 tires. Reset Tire monitor (Low Price Guarantee)See AdvisorAs Needed
Tire RotationRotate tires, inspect & set PSI to ensure proper wear and safety. *Free on all tires purchased from us, as long as you own the vehicle.$17.95*Every 5-7500 miles
Front Wheel AlignmentPerform Front Wheel Alignment, inspect tires and front end$69.95Every 15,000 miles
4 Wheel AlignmentInspect Tires for ware and perform Wheel Alignment$79.95Every 15,000 miles
Flat RepairRepair Flat Tire. *Free Flat Repair on Tires Purchased from us for as long as you own the vehicle.See Advisor*As Needed
Wheel Balance & RotationBalance all 4 tires and perform free tire rotation$42.95As Needed
Nitrogen Fill ServiceReplace air w/ Nitrogen. Free Roadside & Auto Club Membership $16.00with 4 Tires